The S7 Consortium of Sixth Form Colleges

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S7 is a collective of Colleges committed to pursuing excellence through collaboration.

Founded in 2002, S7 began as a network of senior managers and has grown to a mature, multi-level organisation offering development and training opportunities to hundreds of its staff each year.

By working together, the Colleges of the S7 Consortium consistently reap both immediately obvious and less tangible benefits. The constant pooling of ideas, issues and approaches means that we always have a host of solutions to curriculum and pastoral management and ready offers of resourcing and support.

The great strength of the S7 Colleges lies in their ability to learn from one another. Each College recognises that it has something to learn from every other College and S7 as a consortium has become a true learning organisation in every sense of that term.

S7 Development and Training

A list of this year's courses for S7 can be downloaded here: S7 Staff Development and Training 2016-17

Please click on the link to learn more about what training is on offer for S7 colleagues.

S7 News and Newsletters

Link to 21st October 2016 Guardian article regarding scrapped A Level subjects, with quotes from Will Baldwin, Principal of BHASVIC, and Sarah Phillips, History of Art teacher at Godalming College 

Article on S7 Collaboration with Oxbridge October 2016 

Article for TES Further by Sally Bromley, Chair of S7 and Principal of Collyer's

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