Senior Leadership Programme

Dates for 2019 to 2020 (Gorse Hill, Woking):

Days 1 and 2 (residential): Thursday, 20th and Friday, 21st June 2019

Day 3: TBC (late September/early October 2019)

Day 4: Late-autumn-term - work shadowing a member of SLT at an S7 College

Day 5: TBC (late January/early February 2020)

Target delegates should be at Director or Senior Tutor level or above, and looking to move to an Assistant Principal role (Curriculum or Pastoral).

Days 1 and 2

Rather than focusing on the traditional leadership styles, delegates wanting to go into senior management will have the opportunity to explore the ability to understand and interpret the culture of an organisation, along with the significance of emotional intelligence.

The course will start with a look at how organisations function then to an understanding of the College as an organisation.  Delegates will do an analysis of their own College, working out how it functions according to various parameters given.  Time will be spent around the twelve key organisational and environmental dimensions of the Burke Litwin change model.

A good balance of activities is planned.  Topics to be covered on Day 2 are senior management patterns of involvement in College matters and finance matters, including the funding formula, balancing the books and the College budget.  A task will be set with a particular scenario and delegates will undertake some individual work and group work.

Day 3 

The third day will begin with a discussion surrounding the summer task and the impact of the first two days on delegates' approach to leadership and management.  This will be followed by a number of nuts and bolts topics such as assessing the performance of academic departments, human resource management and risk appetite, tolerance and management.

Day 4 

Delegates will have the opportunity to undertake a day of work shadowing at a College other than their own, which will be tightly linked to previous learning.

Day 5 

The focus of the final day will be on branding a College and applying for a senior management role.  This day will culminate in a related activity. 

If you are interested in attending the next Senior Leadership Programme please discuss with your Staff Development Manager in your college.