Monday 05 March 2018

New Teachers' Training Day 3, Collyer's

Making Learning Better - and the Bigger Picture

This is the third and final day in a series of three day-long events that make up the S7 Teachers' Toolkit Programme aimed at all NQTs and second year PGCEs in the S7 colleges. For an outline of the complete programme and more information on the scheme, visit the Development and Training section of this site.

The third and final training day has a focus on how to develop and consolidate your identity as a teacher within the current context of post-16 education:

  • Exploring the developmental nature of teaching as a career and considering practical ways in colleagues can embed a developmental mindset as part of our regular practice as teachers;
  • Round-table sharing of examples of effective pedagogic practice:  to both share ideas and also consolidate the idea of the developmental mindset as supported through the sharing of best practice;
  • A look at the different types of inspection and how they might impact on you as a teacher and the broader college community;

overview of the strategic context for post-16 education and the latest developments affecting sixth form colleges.

Programme for S7 New Teachers' Training Day 3 Collyer's 5.3.18

Directions to Collyer's can be found here:

Delegates for this programme have already been registered by their Staff Development Managers however each of the individual days are also available for non-beginnner teachers to opt into should there be space available.  If you are interested in participating in any of the days and your name has not yet been put forward please speak to your Staff Development Manager in your college.

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