Tuesday 09 June 2020

S7 Leadership Programme Day 5, Gorse Hill, Woking

This is the rescheduled date for the postponed Leadership Programme Day 5 that was due to run in June 2020.

This is the final day in the series of five that make up the S7 Leadership Programme. This programme is designed for established middle managers from across the consortium who are looking to develop their leadership and management skills.

This day covers the final elements of the complete programme and is also the occasion when senior staff from each of the consortium colleges are invited to come and listen to the presentations by delegates that are a culmination of the project implementations that each delegate has been working on.

The programme for this training day will be available to download in due course.

S7 Leadership Venue Information

If you are interested in being selected as part of next years's cohort for the S7 Leadership Programme, have a look at the information in the Development and Training section of this website.

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